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March 30, 2023

Week in History: Local Dem’s supported FDR as president

During this week in San Benito County history, local Democrats took part in a convention to support Franklin D. Roosevelt’s efforts for reelection to a second term. It was among issues chosen from select years in San Benito County history for this week’s installment of Week in History. Information provided in these briefs came from the San Benito County Historical Society archives.

Shell to build station: In 1918, Shell Oil Co. was reported to consider building a new distribution station in the city.

Granada Court completed: In 1932, the Granada Court project was finished on Monterey Street across from the local high school. The Granada Court included eight small bungalows and was owned by M.A. Goldman.

Hot lunches in school: Also in 1932, Pacheco School started serving hot lunches for the first time as part of a project started by a group of parents, and it was heralded as a big accomplishment.

Local Dems choose FDR: In 1936, the 8th Democratic District that included Hollister had delegates pledged support for Franklin D. Roosevelt as president of the U.S. Roosevelt that year won his second term as president and served from 1933 to 1945.

Rubber harvested in region: In 1943, the first harvest of natural rubber in the U.S. entered World War II was underway, as the Agriculture Department reported hundreds of tons of rubber being harvested from the Salinas Valley. The year’s output of about 600 tons was a small portion of the world’s demand.

Police reserve planned: In 1955, a new police reserve was planned for the City of Hollister. Then-Police Commissioner Frank Guerra reorganized the Hollister auxiliary police force, and it meant that the volunteer police officers would wear police uniforms from the city for the first time.


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