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Webinar to inform on businesses staying green during pandemic

Courtesy of Monterey Bay Area Green Business Program:

Green business is smart business – especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Small business owners want to stay informed on the best methods for keeping clients, staff and their business safe in challenging times. The Tri-County Monterey Bay Area Green Business Program and its partners are offering a free Webinar on Wednesday, August 12, 2020, 11:00 am-12:30 pm to update small business owners on the most important issues in health safety, environmental safety and business survival and success.

Local experts from the fields of sustainable business practices and environmental management will share the latest information on local ordinances and state-wide mandates impacting business purchasing decisions. 

They’ll answer questions about changes to plastics regulation and the safety of reusable utensils and dishware compared to single use disposable items. They’ll offer creative ways to green up or stay green as businesses adapt, survive and revive. 

Data show that safety concerns are major hurdles for consumers. Consumers and business owners alike want to know what disinfectants are effective and safe. 

We’re offering a segment on disinfectants with a specialist who will help disentangle when to use disinfectants versus cleaners and whether nontoxic options kill COVID-19. 

Many small businesses have asked about help to carry them through this time. We know even small microgrants can make a big difference, so we’ll provide the latest information on available support for small businesses in the tri county region, including those offered by the California Green Business Network. 

Lastly, businesses need to learn to operate lean and clean in order to be resilient through this ongoing challenge. We’ll show business owners where to get both financial and technical support as they reorganize and move forward in our final segment covering the ROI of standard, sustainable operations and the basics steps towards Green Business Certification. 

Register at operationgreen_covid19.eventbrite.com.

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