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San Benito
February 27, 2024

Water damage forces closure of San Benito County library

The San Benito County Free Library is closed due to plumbing issues.

The library had issues arise Wednesday afternoon in one of the restrooms, said member of the Friends of the San Benito County Library nonprofit organization, Susan Logue and Ruth Erickson.

The library remained closed as of Friday morning. There are signs on the door telling patrons the closure is closed due to water damage. Plumbers were at the library Friday morning.

“I think one of the restrooms, the pipe or toilet, something burst,” Erickson said.

Logue, president of the Friends group, said there has been a recent spike in library usage by walk-ins who don’t have access to other restrooms.

“What’s happening, honestly, the library is being used more and more as a public bathroom for people who don’t have a bathroom.

Logue went on to say it has “really been a strain on the library.”

Head librarian Nora Conte could not be reached immediately.

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