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San Benito
July 13, 2024

Virtual graduation plans under way for San Benito High School

Courtesy of San Benito High School:

Dear San Benito High School Friends, Families, and Community: 

The COVID-19 pandemic has put us all into uncharted territory. Every school district has been and will continue to adhere to the executive orders and directives from our state government regarding all matters; particularly student safety. As we plan and prepare for the future, I would like to be as transparent with you as possible. Colleges and high schools across the state and the nation have been canceling their in-person graduation ceremonies. Although an in-person graduation ceremony is ideal, contingency plans must be put into place now to ensure that this senior class is recognized in the BEST possible manner considering these circumstances.  

Due to the fluid nature of our current situation, measures are being developed that incorporate a virtual graduation in place of the current model. While a decision about canceling the in-person graduation in June has not been made, I give you every assurance that the integrity and the value of the ceremony is being held to the highest degree.  

With that in mind, any future graduation planning committee meetings are postponed. Much more information regarding the upcoming graduation ceremony will be shared as soon as more information can be provided.  

In the meantime, I wish you and your families the best and hope you are all healthy and safe.


Brian DeCarli, San Benito High School Graduation Coordinator

[email protected]