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San Benito
February 27, 2024

Students, teachers kiss goats and race chickens during FFA Week

Courtesy of San Benito High School:

Every year during the month of February, FFA chapters from all across the nation celebrate National FFA Week. 

Hollister FFA celebrates by putting on a weeklong series of games and activities at San Benito High School in which chapter members and the school can participate. This year, to extend the participation to teachers and staff members at SBHS, FFA offered a “Kiss the Goat” activity. 

The 19 participating teachers were given a jar and a flyer. Each teacher or staff member had from Feb. 10-14 to raise money in their jar. The five teachers with the most money were then asked to “Kiss the Goat” in the quad on Friday.

The teacher raising the most money, English teacher Carissa Alvarez, received half of the $340 collected by all teachers and staff, and will donate it to the Donors Choose event, “Students Need Access to Technology at Home!” 

The other four teachers/staff members that kissed the goat on Friday were English teachers Rebecca Conklin and Crystal Zavala, Vice Principal Ed Schmidt, and math teacher Austin Conery.

On Wednesday, students and teachers faced off in chicken races at lunchtime. After two semifinals, English teacher Crystal Zavala tried to keep her assigned bird from running afoul against junior Kayleigh George’s bird, which clearly was winging it. In the end, after much egging on, Kayleigh’s chicken won — eggs-actly as she thought it would.