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March 25, 2023

Student delegates meet in Sacramento to talk education

According to San Benito High School, delegates from the California Association of School Councils (CASC) Student Advisory Board on Legislation in Education (SABLE) met in Sacramento to discuss specific problems in the state’s education system and propose solutions to Assembly Committees on Education.

According to a separate press release on the matter on SABLE:

At SABLE, students identify and discuss specific problems in the state’s education system. For three days students work long hours, expanding on these issues and brainstorming solutions. On the last day, students incorporated the solutions that they had developed into a proposal and presented to the California Senate Education Committee. In the past, results from SABLE have included altering statewide graduation requirements for high school students, and changes in curriculum. This is the only conference in the nation that allows students to directly voice their concerns to the Senate and Assembly Committees on Education, and the results have made a big impact in our schools.

Featured photo courtesy of SBHS: Shown here (L to R) are San Benito High School Associated Student Body Vice President Ian Sills, President Alanah Martinez, Vice President Evan Rosales and Assemblyman (and Baler alumnus) Robert Rivas.

Below: Sills shown at the event