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San Benito
July 13, 2024

Stop signs to ease traffic at intersection near SBHS

At the request of San Benito High School, there have been stop signs placed at the intersections of West and B streets in Hollister.
Hollister City Council members approved the request in November, and now the stop signs are up, according to an announcement from the high school.
The City of Hollister Engineering Division received a request from SBHS to install two stop signs at the intersection of West and B streets to make the intersection an “All-Way” stop, according to the city agenda from a November meeting.
San Benito High School contracted with Pinnacle Traffic Engineering to analyze and prepare a report for City staff to review. This intersection is a constant source of complaints from citizens, according to the city.
According to the high school’s Facebook page: The intersection of West and B streets on the northwest side of campus is now a four-way stop after the city installed signs this week. San Benito High School commissioned a traffic study to present to the city to encourage the safety measure.
Photo courtesy of SBHS