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Stage company names winners from annual awards show

The San Benito Stage Company honored its best shows and performers of 2018 at the annual Members’ Choice Awards on Saturday, and released the list of winners to San Benito Live.

The awards show to cap the 2018 season marked the end of an era for San Benito Stage Company at the Granada Theater, which will undergo renovations in 2019 to potentially reopen as a movie theater. The show included a celebration of the best of 2018, along with a discussion on the lineup for 2019 and a new marketing approach.

The following is a list of winners announced during the show:

Best Actress

Youth = Ashley Maupin, The Grunch

Teen = Abby Chase, 13, the Musical

Adult = Isabelle Menez, My Fair Lady

Best Actor

Youth = Alejandro Manzo, The Grunch

Teen = Joey Rasmussen, 13, the Musical

Adult = Rob Christopher, My Fair Lady

Best Supporting Actress

Youth = Kayla Ferry, The Grunch

Teen = Kassandra Zarata, 13, the Musical

Adult = Jenny Arbizu, My Fair Lady

Best Supporting Actor

Youth = Brody Thiessen, The Grunch

Teen = Denzel Perez, 13, the Musical

Adult = Ron Firstbrook, My Fair Lady

The Granada will undergo renovations in 2019.

Best Actress in a Minor Role

Youth = Evie Gonzalez, The Grunch

Teen = Emily Firstbrook, My Fair Lady

Adult = Renee Wills, My Fair Lady

Best Actor in a Minor Role

Youth = Denzel Perez, The Grunch

Teen = James Wills, 13, the Musical

Adult = Duane Holt, My Fair Lady

Best Ensemble Actress

Youth = Evie Gonzalez, My Fair Lady

Teen = Katie Romiti, My Fair Lady

Adult = Shirley Murphy, My Fair Lady

Best Ensemble Actor

Youth = Matthew Arbizu, The Grunch

Teen = Zachary Barrios, 13, the Musical

Adult = Steve Chase, My Fair Lady

Best Sets

Allen Schneider & Tony Schneider, My Fair Lady

Best Props

Adrienne Summers, My Fair Lady

Best Costumes

Lois Kincaid & Toni Smith, My Fair Lady

Best Vocal Director

Kayla Chizek, My Fair Lady

Best Music Director

Kayla Chizek, My Fair Lady

Best Choreographer

Raeann Collison, 13, the Musical

Best Technical Team/Stage Manager

Adrienne Summers, 13, the Musical

Best Director

Derek Barnes, My Fair Lady

Best Show of 2018


13, the Musical

Producers: Maria Kaanapu, Julie Irwin, Eva Kelly, Sydnee Kelly

My Fair Lady

Producers: Anne Hall, Suzanne Proctor, Mary Chase

Almost, Maine show awards

Gypsy Robe = Derek Barnes

Newcomers Award = Nick Fryou

Producer’s Award = Suzanne Proctor

The Grunch show awards

Gypsy Robe = Bella Rose

Newcomers Award = Denzel Perez

Producer’s Award = The Slater Family

My Fair Lady show awards

Gypsy Robe = Shirley Murphy

Newcomers Award = Renee Wills

Producer’s Award = Kayla Chizek

13, the Musical show awards

Gypsy Robe = Micaela Veglia

Newcomers Award = Zachary Barrios

Producer’s Award = Mary Chase

Feature photo caption: Cast members from Almost Maine at the awards show