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San Benito
April 18, 2024

Sober Grad Night raises $24k-plus

Courtesy of San Benito High School:

San Benito High School’s Sober Grad Night topped $24,000 in money raised this year.

Approximately $13,000 in prizes were given away to the nearly 400 seniors who attended.

“They ate lots of food and drink, played on the large inflatables, got stuck on the Velcro wall, tested their skills at the axe throw, sports challenge, and video gaming trailer,” said organizer Rick Espino. “Some won money at poker, prizes at Bingo, limbo, sleeping bag races, hula hoops, and hot potato.”

He went on: “They made faces and laughed at the photo booth, got special tattoos, and faces painted. Others just relaxed by the fire making s’mores!”