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San Benito
April 16, 2024

Sheriff releases statement after civil rights case ruling

A jury ruled against a local woman who sued San Benito County in January 2015 over the death of her son Justin Baldasano due to an incident with the San Benito County Sheriff’s Office.

The sheriff’s office released the following:

“In regard to a decision entered today by the jury in the case of Martinez v. County of San Benito that was heard in the United States District Court – Northern District of California, San Benito County Sheriff Darren Thompson has issued the following statement:

‘We thank the jury for its careful consideration, and applaud its decision. The San Benito County Sheriff’s Office always strives to serve the best interests of our community and protect our residents. We know this has not been an easy time for Ms. Martinez and her family. Out of respect for her and her loved ones, we will not be commenting further on this case.’”

-Kollin Kosmicki