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May 30, 2024

Sheriff reflects on campaign spent defending record

Sheriff Darren Thompson reflected on a successful election night by talking about the difference this time around having to defend his record.

Thompson, the 53-year-old headed for his third four-year term as sheriff, mentioned eight years ago when he first ran and how he’d been running for a vacant position.

“It was about letting the community examine you and see if they feel you’re the best person on the ballot. This time around after eight years of service, it was different. It was about defending your record while someone tries to convince folks you’re not doing as good a job as you need to do.”

Thompson is headed toward a landslide victory over Bill Hutchison, the 44-year-old deputy in the same sheriff’s office. With nearly 7,000 ballots counted, Thompson was out in front with 70.73 percent of the vote

In his campaign, Thompson talked about continuing to build a professional staff and how to approach dealing with broader issues like cannabis legalization and immigration policies.

“I love to tell people that I am honored and humbled by them choosing me to continue in this valuable role in the community,” Thompson said Wednesday. “I’m committed to serving them with integrity and all the effort it will take to be successful here.”

Hutchison could not be reached immediately for comment.

Below is Thompson’s interview with San Benito Live during the campaign: