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San Benito
April 16, 2024

SBHS classrooms observed for effective co-teaching practices

Courtesy of San Benito High School:

A contingent of educators from the Moraga School District and U.C. Davis’s Center For Applied Policy in Education recently visited San Benito High School to observe the co-teaching model that SBHS uses in a number of classes.

The visit was a result of the Superintendent’s Collaborative through U.C. Davis, whose work is intended to help districts network and learn from each other across the state. The guests observed Algebra 1, Chemistry, Geometry, World Studies and English 9 classes during their day-long visit. The itinerary also included time for debrief discussions with teachers after some classes along with a question-and-answer session, co-teaching in-service and a group meeting to discuss what was observed.

Moraga School District representatives Superintendent Bruce Burns, Director of Student Services Susan Bishop and Principal Joan Danilson, along with and U.C. Davis representatives Steve Ladd and Tina Murdoch, visited campus to learn more about effective inclusionary practices. They joined Dr. Lou Denti, San Benito High School Director of Special Education Dr. Paulette Cobb and SBHS Educational Services Director Elaine Klauer on the classroom walk-through.

“It was our honor to share the good work being done by our co-teaching staff and students,” Cobb said. “It was an inspirational afternoon as we were able to observe some stellar teaching models. Our teachers exhibited professionalism and expertise and our students were remarkable in each class. Students were engaged and actively learning in Algebra, Geometry, English 9 and World Studies.”

Cobb said the visit included time to “discuss our program dynamics, including development, training, and growth over the past four years.”

Superintendent Dr. Shawn Tennenbaum said the co-teaching collaborative day “was a huge success for all involved. Our educators displayed excellent pedagogy and their use of instructional strategies was exemplary as they engaged our students in various content areas. The co-teaching model is alive and thriving on the SBHS campus, thanks to the efforts of Dr. Paulette Cobb and the team.”

Tennenbaum said the visiting educators “were impressed and found the day not only beneficial, but instrumental in building a collaborative to support districts and ultimately students.”

He said the collaboration was derived through the Center For Applied Policy in Education program as a means of bringing district leaders together in an effort to support one another in meeting the needs of students across California.