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March 27, 2023

Updated: Sheriff’s office ends chase without arrest after SBHS affected

A police chase that prompted San Benito High School to take security precautions led to a high-speed pursuit on Highway 25, but no arrests were made because unsafe driving conditions led the sheriff’s office to terminate the effort, according to Capt. Eric Taylor with the San Benito County Sheriff’s Office.

Hollister police initiated the pursuit, but sheriff’s deputies assisted after the chase left the high school area, Taylor said. The sheriff’s office took over the pursuit outside of the city, but terminated it near Shore Road due to the unsafe driving by the suspect who was traveling at 140 mph. There was no other information immediately available.

San Benito High School officials on Friday took precautions when the police pursuit occurred near the campus.

The following announcement was on the SBHS website and social media pages Friday afternoon:

“This is an important message from San Benito High School: Please note that our campus was momentarily in a Shelter in Place protocol as a result of a vehicle pursuit by local law enforcement. The vehicle drove through the school crosswalk on Nash Road, prompting the Shelter in Place protocol. Our School Resource Officer immediately responded and was able to lift the Shelter in Place within a couple of minutes. Our campus is secure and we have resumed normal operations.”


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