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May 28, 2024

San Juan council starts transition with city manager departing

San Juan Bautista City Council members Monday accepted the resignation of City Manager Michaele LaForge and set the stage for a transition by approving the hiring of an assistant city manager.

The council agreed to hire Ed Tewes as assistant city manager for the next couple weeks until LaForge departs, with an expectation he will be interim city manager for up to three months, Mayor Cesar Flores said.

Tewes, the former Gilroy city manager, was interim city manager of San Juan before LaForge took the job last March, but he has indicated he’s not interested in the permanent role.

Flores said he has received a lot of positive comments about LaForge’s work for San Juan and that she saved the city “a lot of money.”

“She’s done a great job,” Flores said.

Council members were unanimous in OK’ing the plan to hire an assistant city manager to oversee the transition. LaForge announced Friday she would resign from the role and that she will leave “around March 7.”

City council members initially hired LaForge in an assistant manager role under Tewes, but then made her the permanent city manager.

LaForge is a a graduate of Annapolis, the U.S. Naval Academy in Maryland. She said at her new job, will be working with Naval Academy classmates and other friends. Before her role with San Juan, LaForge came from the private sector.

Council members Monday were also discussing Tewes for the interim city manager role in closed session, along with an evaluation of LaForge.

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