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April 14, 2024

San Juan city manager LaForge to resign

San Juan Bautista City Manager Michaele LaForge is resigning from her position.

LaForge has accepted a chief operating officer position for a large corporation, she confirmed to San Benito Live in a text message Friday.

“I was not looking or entertaining any jobs,” LaForge wrote, adding how she loves her job at the city.

LaForge confirmed she will leave “around March 7.”

San Juan Bautista council members hired LaForge last March.

City council members initially hired her in an assistant manager role under former interim manager Ed Tewes, but then made her the permanent city manager.

The San Juan council will hold a special meeting Monday with a topic of interim city manager appointment on the agenda.

LaForge is a a graduate of Annapolis, the U.S. Naval Academy in Maryland. She said at her new job, will be working with Naval Academy classmates and other friends. Before her role with San Juan, LaForge came from the private sector.

Her resignation news came three days after Hollister City Manager Bill Avera announced he will resign later this year.