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July 13, 2024

San Benito crop values increase nearly 2 percent

San Benito County crop values increased by nearly 2 percent in 2016, while organic products were among those to actually drop between 2015 and 2016, according to the annual crop report.

The county released the crop report in August, marking yet another year in a general uptick for crop values in the agriculture-heavy county.

Total values came to 367.45 million in 2016, up from 360.59 million in 2015. The county agricultural commissioner released 2016 San Benito County Crop Report

the report to the county board as part of a routine, annual process.

Agricultural Commissioner Karen Overstreet emphasized several points in her summary to the board, such as the following included in the report:

The hills are green after rainstorms hit the Hollister area to start 2017. Here, a hillside overlooks the Riverside Park on the west side of Hollister on Jan. 12. Photo by Kollin Kosmicki
• Processing tomato acreage decreased as more ground was productive for leafy greens and miscellaneous
fresh vegetable crops.
• Cattle prices dropped off from record prices in 2015 and many producers held onto replacements
to rebuild herds.
• 2016 was slightly below average precipitation year. A dry warm February pushed the fruit and nut trees and turned the rangeland grasses early. Therefore, tree crop yields were below average and walnut yields were inconsistent as well as quality well below normal.
• Walnut prices dropped significantly for the second year in a row.
• Wine Grape yields and price where up.
• This year growers experienced a great amount of insect and disease pressure which effected market quality and a lower return in many cases.
• The spring rains hindered the cherries and other commodities experienced a less than average harvest yield.
Additionally, the crop report noted that organic values were down by more than 10 percent, dropping from $62.39 million to $55.99 million, largely due to tough growing conditions.
Read the full crop report