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San Benito
June 21, 2024

Safety agencies: Celebrate July 4 safely

Local public safety officials released an announcement reminding residents about the dangers of using illegal fireworks or firearms to celebrate the Fourth of July.

According to the announcement:

On behalf of the city of Hollister’s Police Chief David Westrick, San Benito County Sheriff Darren Thompson and Fire Chief Bob Martin Del Campo enjoy and celebrate Independence Day safely. The chiefs would like to remind everyone of the dangers and penalties associated with celebratory firearm discharges and the use of illegal fireworks. Setting off fireworks and shooting guns possess a great risk for injury and even death. As such, they have no place in our City. Safe and sane fireworks are to be bought and used within the city limits. Transportation outside of the city limits is prohibited.

As part of our commitment to public safety in our communities, the City of Hollister is focused on eliminating illegal firewworks and weapons discharge. During the 4th of July holiday the City of Hollister will be increasing staffing and deploying public safety officers to specific areas of the City that have the highest amount of gunshot and firework activity. The Hollister municipal code defines prohibitions on discharge.