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April 14, 2024

Rivas tones down fundraising as election day nears

Heading down the final stretch, candidate Robert Rivas has toned down the fundraising and expenditures for the State Assembly District 30 race in which he’s a heavy favorite.
Rivas, a Democrat running against Republican Neil Kitchens, raised $100,739.00 in the latest period from Sept. 23-Oct. 30. Normally, this time frame would be crunch time for candidates before the November General Election, but Rivas spent less than 10 percent of his total expenditures during the period.
So far, Rivas has raised $649,305.10 and spent $766,719.39 since the start of the year. He raised $100,739 and spent $62,830.49 in the latest period, according to figures filed with the California Secretary of State’s Office.
To see details on his donations and expenditures, go here.
Kitchens, a businessman and farmer from the Salinas Valley, did not have paperwork filed on the secretary of state’s office website as of Sunday. He is running against Rivas, a San Benito County supervisor and San Benito High School employee. In the June primary when the two advanced to the general election, Rivas gained about 44 percent of the vote with Kitchens at about 31 percent.


Robert Rivas Campaign Finance Summary

Contributions this period: $100,739.00
Contributions this year: $649,305.10
Expenditures this period: $62,830.49
Total expenditures this year: 766,719.39
Ending cash: $96,439.33