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June 5, 2023

Richman gets nod as Hollister’s vice mayor

Hollister City Council members Monday elected Marty Richman as Hollister’s vice mayor.

The council elected the first-term councilman from District 4 as the vice mayor. In that role, Richman would step in as mayor in the event Mayor Ignacio Velazquez is absent or unable to fulfill his duties.

Council members at the outset of Monday’s meeting elected Richman, who then took the oath of office as vice mayor.

Richman was elected to his first term in November and is on schedule to serve a two-year term for the seat representing the southeast side of Hollister. As vice mayor, he succeeds Mickie Luna, who lost her reelection bid to Rolan Resendiz for the District 2 seat.

Below, see the candidate interview with Richman before the November election or an earlier interview with him before he ran for office.