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May 25, 2024

R.O. Hardin names Students of the Month

Courtesy of the Hollister School District:

R.O. Hardin is fortunate to be supported with a specialized team of teachers dedicated to literacy and language instruction of our students.  They work with all grade levels.  In the era of distance learning~ this team has adjusted their instruction and helped our district team serve all students with reading instruction by providing resources and assessments that continue to secure appropriate instruction for students.  They would like to recognize the hard work and dedication of the students at R.O. Hardin.  While there are many that deserve this recognition, these students are the standouts!  We are proud of our students, their teachers, and their parents for partnering with us in support of learning to read!  A special thanks to our intervention team and our RSP team.

TKJose Manzo Santos every morning I am greeted by Jose. At times he is timid, however the music comes on and he has his groove on, learning groove. Jose is the newest member of CKU 100% compilation Club. Very impressed at his ability to return to his breakout room from the extra teachers and again gets his groove in. When our day ends Jose is one of the first to share something new learned.Sofia Diaz Lemos came to us almost a month late, one would not believe it when you see Sofia answering in complete, detailed sentences. Sofia has made great academic progress with her facts and details and catching up in CKU. Sofia is also one of the first to greet me in the mornings. Her energy transcends to others as well. Sofia’s dances while learning especially during the Calendar. I love her posts on Dojo expressing with evidence her asynchronous learning. When it is time to part, Sofia will in complete and detailed sentences explain what she learned that day.
KEliseo Gonzalez is a kindergarten student being recognized for his eagerness to learn and his wonderful attitude.  Eli is always happy and friendly to his classmates.  He often has funny stories to tell us!  Eli is doing an amazing job at learning his sounds and beginning to read CVC words.  We are so proud of all of his hard work.Alexa Navarro-Rosas is a kindergarten student being recognized for her sweet and positive attitude.  She is one of the first ones to log in everyday and always has a smile on her face.  She is an active participant in our class and LOVES to learn.  Alexa always has her materials ready and has an answer whenever called on. We are so proud of her!

1Lex Zita is a 1st grade student being recognized for his ability to focus and stay on task during his small group reading instruction. Because of his determination and willingness to participate, he is quickly becoming a fluent reader. We are fortunate to have him at R.O. Hardin!!Denise Delgado Is a 1st grade student being recognized for her studiousness. Denise comes to class each day focused, prepared, and ready to learn. Because of her diligence, Denise has greatly improved her reading fluency and comprehension. We are all so proud of Denise!
2Javeyn Loggins is a 2nd grade student being recognized for his love and enthusiasm for learning.  He greets his teacher and his peers with a smile everyday. He is genuinely happy about learning and stretching his mind. We are honored to have him with us at R.O. Hardin!Estephanie Lopez is a 2nd grade student being recognized for her commitment to learning.  Estephanie is always prepared and focused during small group reading instruction.  In order to improve her reading fluency, she logs on early everyday to practice reading aloud. Her fluency has improved greatly because of this. We are extremely proud of Estephanie’s achievements!  
3Jeremiah Perales is a 3rd grade student being recognized for his outstanding citizenship and consistency. He is the first to arrive on screen everyday. He is very helpful with his peers when they need a little assistance.  His warm welcoming personality and his willingness to learn and apply himself to his studies is awesome!Evelin Gonzalez Silva is a third grade student being recognized as a well rounded student. She is always in class, prepared and ready to learn. Evelin is very encouraging  to her peers, a very hard worker. She has shown great progress in her reading group.
4Isaac Guerrero is a 4th grade student being recognized for his punctuality and on task behavior. He never fails to log on right on time. He is very eager to read and has such a positive attitude with an infectious smile to go with it.Chelsy Figueroa Hernandez is a 4th grader recognized for her outstanding citizenship, kindness towards her peers, and dedication to learning. She actively participates in class, puts in her best effort, and demonstrates excellent progress on her goals. She has shown great independence during reading tasks, and confidently responds during comprehension checks. We are so proud of her hard work and unwavering commitment to learning. 
5Kenshin Shemanski is a 5th grader being recognized for his kindness towards his peers, his willingness to help others, and his commitment to learning. He usually has a big smile and kind words for his peers! He tries to be the first one to class each day and will stay late to do extra activities. It is a joy to have Kenshin as part of our RO Hardin community!
Analexi Santos is a 5th grader being recognized for her dedication to learning, even during these difficult times of Distance Learning. She comes prepared everyday with a smile on her face, even as she’s babysitting younger siblings, and puts her best effort in. She even came on days she was not required to and read with me. She has made a lot of progress! RO Hardin is very proud of her and her unwavering commitment to learning.