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June 2, 2023

Police say SBHS safe after report of people with possible rifles

The Hollister Police Department late Friday investigated a report of subjects with possible rifles or air rifles near San Benito High School, prompting the campus to hold off on letting football players off their buses who had been returning from a game, according to a statement.
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Police ended up doing a search of the area and clearing the athletes to depart the staging area and buses.
According to an initial report from police released at 10:52 p.m.:
HPD is investigating a report of persons with possible air rifles or rifles. Busses bringing students home from the football game tonight have been stopped prior to arrival and are staging in a safe area. Officers are at the school doing a thorough search of the area. Once that is completed the all clear will be given in the busses arriving with students from the football will be cleared to arrive at school.
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Police followed up 20 minutes later with the following statement:
HPD Officers / San Benito County Sheriffs Deputies did a thorough search of the campus, construction sites and related nearby areas of San Benito high school.
No threats were located in any of the areas.
Busses that were returning home from the football game have been cleared to arrive at the school and students can then disembark at the normal pre-designated location.