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April 20, 2024

Planners support 72-hour limit for RV, boat driveway parking

A majority of Hollister planning commissioners supported a plan to continue banning RV and boat parking in driveways while giving owners 72 hours to move the vehicles.
That would change the current City of Hollister law that bans boats and RV parking in driveways for the most part, with a current provision allowing 14 days in the driveway each year.
Planning commissioners took up the matter Thursday at Hollister City Hall. They voted 3-1 in favor of supporting the alteration to give owners 72 hours to remove the vehicles, with Commissioner David Huboi against the idea.
The ban on street parking for RVs and boats also would continue under the modified rules, which came to the planning commission from a city council looking for firm direction.
Huboi said the City of Hollister is pushing to replicate the law in Gilroy, but the commissioner is skeptical about the code inspector’s ability to enforce the rules.
“How do the people know about this? Where’s the outreach?” Huboi said.
Huboi is open about owning an RV himself.
“Oh yes, it certainly would affect me,” Huboi said.
Huboi said the rationality behind the law is that RVs in driveways are taking up space of traditional vehicles that would then have to park on the streets.
“I’m just frustrated with the short-sightedness and not realizing the repercussions,” Huboi said.
One of the planning commissioners on the other side of the vote, Pauline Valdivia, said she was concerned about safety issues with RVs and boats parked on the streets.
She also believes the 72-hour limit for driveway parking is “reasonable.”
The item will go back to the Hollister council for final consideration.