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May 28, 2024

Panetta, others issue statement on North Korea summit

Congressman Jimmy Panetta put out a statement on the summit involving President Trump and North Korea’s Jim Jong-Un as part of the local representative’s involvement on a national security task force.

According to the statement:

The co-chairs of the Democratic Caucus’ National Security Task Force—Reps. Jimmy Panetta of California, Seth Moulton of Massachusetts, and Stephanie Murphy of Florida—issued the following statement after President Trump’s meeting with North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un:

“The summit between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un is an important first move toward averting a catastrophic war on the Korean Peninsula. Our task force has advocated for strong and steady diplomacy, combined with economic pressure and a credible military deterrent, as the best way forward, and that is why we are encouraged by this initial step.

“However, the joint U.S.-North Korea statement falls far short on specifics. Without a timeline for complete denuclearization, specific inspection and verification requirements, and a halt to ballistic missile and nuclear development, we are concerned that this agreement is more show than substance. Those are elements that arms control experts, as well as the Trump administration itself, have explicitly articulated as ‘must-haves.’

“Finally, President Trump’s declaration that the U.S. will suspend joint military exercises with South Korean forces in exchange for no concessions on North Korea’s part harms military readiness. This action also undermines a key democratic ally – consistent with an all-too-familiar pattern with this President.

“As co-chairs of the Democratic National Security Task Force and members of the House Armed Services Committee, we will continue to hold the Trump administration accountable and ensure the U.S. takes a strong, smart, and strategic approach to the threat posed by North Korea.”