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San Benito
April 14, 2024

Over 20 students take part in mock interviews

Courtesy of San Benito High School:

San Benito High School’s Transition Partnership Program and Workability team coordinated mock interviews this week for students in the Advanced Foundations for Success (AFS) class.

A total of 20 students who were interviewed by staff and community members over two days. Thank you to the following community members for their participation: Mary Martinez, Shelley Giancola, Cory Schaffer, Michelle Leonard, Jen Rodriguez, Karson Klauer and Kristine Hudson, along with SBHS staff members: Nick Rabago, Tim Pipes, Lorena Fernandez, Principal Adrian Ramirez, and Irma Lozano.

“If it weren’t for the volunteers who help us provide our students this opportunity, we could not be successful in placing our students in work experiences,” said SBHS Career/Job Training Coordinator Vanessa Klauer. “Having community members and staff come together for this event is great because our students are given the opportunity to have their very first interview on campus and their interview is followed up by feedback. We do this project twice a year and are so thankful for everyone who has participated with us over the last few years.”