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Obituary: David Padulip Bacnat (1967-2019)

David Padulip Bacnat, age 51, passed away on January 19, 2019, in San Jose, California. David is survived by his wife, Susan Los Banos Bacnat, of 39; his oldest son, Vincent Bacnat, of 19; his middle son, Pat Bacnat, of 18; his youngest son, Joeven Bacnat, of 17; his cat, Blue Bacnat, of 2; and his beloved family. He is preceded in death by his father, Placido Galacgac Bacnat; his older sister, Dora Bacnat; his aunt, Luisa Tabancay; and his cousin, Juan Tabancay.

David Padulip Bacnat was born on November 21, 1967, in Batac, Ilocos Norte, Philippines, the youngest of his brothers, to his parents Placido Galacgac Bacnat and Dominga Padulip Bacnat. He graduated from Eureka High School in 1988. In 2006, he moved to the United States of America to reside in Hollister, California and accepted a position as an Agricultural Laborer at United Genetics Seeds Company, where he worked for almost 13 years.

David married Susan Los Banos Bacnat in February 2007 and the couple had 3 children together. He was a dedicated father and a loving husband. He felt content with the accomplishments that his children achieved during his lifetime. His children will remember him as a courageous, supportive, lenient father who encouraged them to pursue their goals and guide the family to success.

David was a hardworking, honest, and dedicated man who was deeply involved in helping our family and friends in various ways for the majority of his life. He enjoyed advising auto mechanical problems, enjoyed his bottle of bourbon whiskey with his friends, and circling in dots on his habitual California Lottery tickets in hopes of hitting the jackpot. In addition, he enjoyed wearing hats and kept a collection of his caps that were worn on different occasions. He was a faithful Catholic that attended Sunday mass at Saint Benedict Church. He always carried a thick, nicely trimmed mustache on his face. His family and friends will always remember him as a humorous, quiet, humble, honest person.

A funeral is scheduled for David Padulip Bacnat on January 31, 2019, at Grunnagle-Ament-Nelson Funeral Home from 1 pm to 8 pm with a recitation of the Rosary, led by Father Victor Hernando, to follow at 7 pm. Along with a Mass of Resurrection starting at 11 am on February 1, 2019, at Saint Benedict Church with Father Victor Hernando officiating along with a reception at 1 pm. All are welcome to attend and celebrate David Padulip Bacnat’s life. The family would like to thank Grunnagle-Ament-Nelson Funeral Home for providing an opportunity to say our last goodbyes to our beloved, and family and friends who helped us overcome the dark times during the times of our beloved. Flowers and donations can be sent to Susan Los Banos Bacnat and family.

David Padulip Bacnat: anák, kabsát, lakay, tatang/tata, uliteg, gayyem

We will all dearly miss you.