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June 22, 2024

New Hollister councilwoman takes oath

Newly appointed Hollister Councilwoman Carol Lenoir took the oath of office and followed up with remarks at Monday’s meeting.
The District 1 councilwoman takes over for former Councilman Ray Friend, who resigned in August before he moved to Washington state.
After she took the oath, Lenoir had some words to say.
She introduced herself as a 61-year-old native of Hollister who’s lived here her entire life, and who is married with two adult sons. The retired city employee referred to herself as a third-generation civil servant who worked 34 years for Hollister and county planning departments.
“I have resided downtown for a good portion of my life. I have not moved far from where I used to play as a youth,” Lenoir said.
She noted becoming a planning commissioner in 2012.
“I always strive to be honest and hard working,” said Lenoir, who added she comes to meetings with an open mind and has an open-door policy.
As for contacting her, Lenoir said she doesn’t engage on social media.
“I actually still have a phone number with a landline,” she said, noting her number is (831) 637-8588 and her email is [email protected].
“I check my email throughout the day,” she added, “and will respond accordingly.”
She said she was inspired while recently watching TV and recited a quote she heard.
“Let us try to build each other up,” she recited. “We should never lose sight of common humanity.”
She went on before applause from the audience: “I’m hoping to inspire your respect.”
Assemblywoman Anna Caballero, who is running for state senate, happened to follow up Lenoir’s speech at the council meeting.
“It’s always great to have someone with planning experience on the council,” Caballero said.