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March 30, 2023

New Businesses: April 13-23

The following are new businesses that filed fictitious business statements between April 13 and April 23 at the San Benito County Clerk’s Office:
Business: OGI Mortgage Bankers
Filed by: Ony Glo, Inc.
Address: 330 Tres Pinos Road #C#, Hollister
Business: Reyes Trucking
Filed by: Moises Reyes Espinoza
Address: 480 Los Viboras Road, Hollister
Business: Vicky’s Housekeeping Services
Filed by: Virginia Butierrez
Address: 1500 Cerra Vista Drive, Hollister
Business: Carmen’s Cleaning Services
Filed by: Irma Alejo
Address: 110 Chestnut Lane, Hollister
Business: Gardening Services
Filed by: Rafael Campoano
Address: 1170 Christopher Drive, Hollister
Business: Jon Eugene Hobbs
Filed by: Jon Eugene Hobbs
Address: 2450 San Juan Road, Hollister
Business: Marksmen Specialty Coatings
Filed by: Denise Lou Souza and Mark August Souza
Address: 1250 Brighton Drive, Hollister