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San Benito
July 15, 2024

New Businesses: 4th Street Eatery and more

The following are new businesses to file papers with the San Benito County Clerk’s Office from June 20-26:

Business: 4th Street Eatery

Filed by: 4th Street Eatery

Address: 330 Fourth St., Hollister

Business: Fallon Farms, LLC

Filed By: Fallon Farms, LLC

Address: 90 Fallon Road, Hollister

Business: Hunters Black Market Express

Filed By: Gary Hunter

Address: 900 Anzar Road, San Juan Bautista

Business: Rosie

Filed By: Carl Harris and Kathleen Harris

Address: 1062 Bonnie View Road, Hollister

Business: TTI Developers

Filed By: TTI Developers

Address: 601 McCray St., ste. 205, Hollister

Business: Vea Solutions

Filed By: Liseth Vea

Address: 1051 Powell St., Hollister