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Mixer to recognize local California Green Businesses

Courtesy of San Benito County Integrated Waste Management:

On July 17, San Benito County’s Certified California Green Businesses will be recognized from 5:30-7 p.m. at the Green Business Mixer, a partnered event between San Benito County Integrated Waste Management, San Benito County Chamber of Commerce, and Saint Francis Retreat Center to celebrate the growth of Green Business in San Benito County.

The event is for Chamber of Commerce members and any business interested in learning more about Green Business. The following local green business leaders will be recognized for their efforts to be more sustainable, protect human health and the natural environment and for achieving California Green Business Certification:

Jayleaf LLC
Suprema LLC
Fisher’s Restaurant
Body Mechanics Massage Studio
San Benito County Arts Council Annex & ARTspace
San Benito Dance Academy
Margot’s Ice Cream Parlor
Jan’s Rock Shop
Terra Cultura

Certified CA Green Businesses lead the state to a healthier, more sustainable and vibrant green economy by committing to conserving resources and preventing pollution in their facility and day-to-day operations.


For San Benito County Arts Council, certification was “the right thing to do” and especially important to their team “for the sake of the environment and to teach students, especially children, about taking care of the planet,” said Amanda Chiado, Director of Arts Education.

Mixer host, Saint Francis Retreat Center, believes “it’s about practicing what we preach.”

Edward DeGroot, Director of Operations at St.Francis Retreat, added that “being environmentally conscious of our actions is not an optional choice – it’s a core value”.

Some common green business practices include using environmentally safe (less toxic) cleaning products, recycling, reducing waste, and conserving energy and water. Board of Supervisor Chairperson Mark Medina shared that “we’re proud to recognize these newly certified Green Businesses in San Benito County because it’s not only good for the businesses’ bottom line, it’s also good for the environment.”

Medina went on: “Businesses can participate in this free program to get on site assistance and resources to help them save money by increasing recycling and energy efficiency, and conserving water.”

Additionally, Certified CA Green Businesses use energy-efficient equipment and lighting, practice environmental preferable purchasing, educate their employees on green efforts, and much more! It is through practical and easy green business actions that our local business leaders create a more sustainable and often more cost effective, better way of doing business.


Sustainable business efforts have positive impact not only on human health and the natural environment but also the business’ bottom line. Green businesses practices like reducing waste, conserving energy and water, and using more efficient equipment can lead to cost savings in energy, water and garbage bills.

Shawn Novack, Water Conservation Program Manager of Water Resources Association of San Benito County, explains that “it matters when the local business community makes a commitment to use our natural resources as efficiently as possible.”

“The true business entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer,” Novack said. “We need lots of doers to lead the community in the pursuit of sustainability for mankind and the earth.”

Said Michelle Leonard, San Benito County Chamber of Commerce CEO:

“It’s really powerful to see these businesses taking ownership of their ability to limit water usage, waste and pollution, to ensure that our community has a sustainable future.”

On behalf of San Benito County Integrated Waste Management, San Benito County Chamber of Commerce and Saint Francis Retreat Center, we welcome all Chamber members and any business interested in learning more about the green business program to attend this mixer and celebrate. Please RSVP at (831) 637-5315 to reserve your spot.

Being a Certified Green Business is a great way to improve your bottom line and to show our community and your customers that you care about sustainability. To learn more about the CA Green Business Program or to enroll your business today, contact San Benito Green Business Specialist Robbie Brown at [email protected] or learn more at www.greenbusinessca.org/what-is-a-certified-business.