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San Benito
July 13, 2024

Medina elected as county board chairman

San Benito County supervisors Tuesday unanimously elected Mark Medina as the next board chairman.

Medina, the District 1 supervisor, immediately switched over into the chair seat, succeeding Supervisor Anthony Botelho after his one year in the role.

The county board historically rotates the chairperson seat from district to district each year, with most supervisors getting the opportunity to be the chairperson.

The board also unanimously elected Supervisor Jaime De La Cruz as vice chairman, which means he might be in line to get the chairmanship in 2020 when he’s potentially running for reelection.

Medina took the gavel with senses of gratitude and urgency.

“I’d like to thank all my colleagues for a positive vote,” Medina said.

He later went on: “My expectations are to complete anything and everything we put our heads to. We need to make sure we move this county forward. We need to make sure we listen to our constituents.”