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February 27, 2024

Medina announces run for second term on board

San Benito County District 1 Supervisor Mark Medina has announced he will run for a second term.

Voters elected Medina in 2016 to the seat representing northeast Hollister and north county. Medina released the following statement in his reelection bid:

Since he was first elected in 2016, Supervisor Mark Medina has worked tirelessly representing his constituents in the north end of the county and San Benito County as a whole. During his first year as a supervisor, only a few weeks after taking the oath of office, Medina was presented with the huge challenge of severe flooding in his district. Supervisor Medina was a fierce advocate at all levels of government, including engaging with the Army Corp of Engineers, members of the United State Congress, California Fish and Game and lobbying his fellow supervisors to get his constituents the help they needed.

Following the period of flooding, Supervisor Medina had the creative idea of a Facebook page where county residents could alert county staff as to potholes that needed to be repaired. It is this proactive approach to solving problems that best exemplifies the qualities that Supervisor Medina brings to the table.

As the current Chair of the Board of Supervisors, he’s leading the charge to overhaul the county’s planning department in order to make it more efficient and responsive to the community it serves. Looking forward to 2020, Supervisor Medina will continue working with local small businesses, the agriculture industry and several others to improve our county. Medina’s main goals for his next term include economic development, public safety, repairing roads and widening 25 to prevent more unnecessary fatalities.

Medina has always made serving the constituents of San Benito County his number one priority and wants to continue that work.

Election Day will be March 3, 2020 for the District 1 Supervisor Seat.