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March 25, 2023

Mayor appoints council members to various committees

Hollister City Council members Monday ratified the mayor’s choices for a variety of committees and agencies.
It was the first regular meeting with the new council in place after November’s election in which three new members took their seats after the November election to go with Carol Lenoir, who was recently appointed. Mayor Ignacio Velazquez, reelected to fourth two-year term himself, made his picks for the seats and announced them Monday.
The following are those assignments:
Council of San Benito County Governments: Marty Richman and Velazquez as alternate
Local Agency Formation Commission: Velazquez and Lenoir as alternate
Intergovernmental Committee: Velazquez and Rolan Resendiz with Lenoir as alternate
Fire Protection Committee: Velazquez and Richman
Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments: Lenoir and Honor Spencer as alternate
Governance Committee: Lenoir and Spencer with Velazquez as alternate
Water Resources: Lenoir and Spencer as alternate
San Benito County Integrated Waste: Spencer with Lenoir as alternate
Department liaison for administrative services: Resendiz
Department liaison for police: Lenoir
Department liaison for fire: Velazquez
Department liaison for community services: Spencer
Department liaison for development services: Richman
Ad hoc Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Air Pollution Control District: Spencer with Lenoir as alternate
Successor agency for the RDA: Richman with Resendiz as alternate
Oversight committee for the former RDA: Richman with Resendiz as alterante
Senior advisory agency: Lenoir with Spencer as alternate
Monterey Bay Community Choice Power: Lenoir as alternate to San Juan Bautista Councilman John Freeman
Revenue subcommittee: Richman and Velazquez
Housing and planning: Resendiz and Velazquez
Sound wall: Lenoir and Spencer
Tel center task force: Resendiz and Velazquez
Animal control: Resendiz and Spencer
Sign ordinance: Resendiz and Velazquez
General plan advisory committee: Resendiz and Velazquez
Economic development: Richman and Resendiz
Motorcycle event: Resendiz