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San Benito
February 28, 2024

Longtime public servant Robert Scattini passes away

Former sheriff, marshal and Hollister City Council member Robert Scattini passed away Sunday.

Scattini as sheriff. Photo courtesy of San Benito County

Scattini, 80, had a long career in law enforcement. He was a California Highway Patrol officer for 17 years. He was elected sheriff in 1984 for one term and then became the elected marshal until the office closed in 2010. 

Scattini was also well known for his role as a District 2 Hollister City Councilman and was actively involved in local nonprofit organizations for decades. Politically, he was a self-described straight shooter and didn’t shy from sharing his views on controversial issues, especially when it came to saving taxpayers’ money.

On the personal end, it’s safe to say he had hundreds if not thousands of friends and was known for a wry sense of humor. He had a love for aviation – he was an airplane owner – and served for many years on the Hollister Airport Commission. 

Hollister City Council members and officials had nice things to say about Scattini at Monday’s meeting, while the council adjourned in his honor. 

Mayor Ignacio Velazquez recommended the city consider renaming Calaveras Park in Scattini’s name. 

“He’s a man who dedicated his life to our community,” Velazquez said. 

Look back for more. Main photo courtesy of Mayor Ignacio Velazquez.