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San Benito
April 18, 2024

Judge candidate Foley declares withdrawal from race

Robert Foley, one of the four candidates running for an open superior court judge seat in San Benito County, has announced he’s withdrawing from the race. It’s an unofficial withdrawal, however, because his name cannot be removed from the ballot at this point.

Foley made the decision this week and confirmed to San Benito Live he is no longer interested in the role. That leaves Frances Henderson, Gregory LaForge and Jose “Omar” Rodriguez in the race, although Foley’s name will still appear on the ballot.

They are vying to succeed Judge Harry Tobias, who is not seeking another term. Incumbent Steven Sanders is running unopposed for the other superior court judge seat in San Benito County.

With the contested seat, Foley’s name will appear on the ballot and he remains eligible to win the race because it’s too late in the process to officially withdraw, said Angela Curro, assistant county clerk. His candidacy became official March 9 at the end of the nomination period.

“If he did get elected, he would have to resign,” Curro said. “It’s not like there’s a withdrawal process.”