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San Benito
April 14, 2024

HPD: No major incidents over holidays

A Hollister Police Department spokesman told San Benito Live it was a relatively safe holiday season when it comes to local crime in the area.

“Fortunately, there was not,” Sgt. Don Pershall told the local media outlet. “It was pretty nice.”

Pershall did acknowledge Hollister experienced its share of illegal fireworks and people shooting off firearms for New Year’s Day. But there were no injuries caused by such revelers like in other areas of the country.

“That’s pretty much a constant,” he said. “We try to educate people as much as possible. Obviously, shooting guns in the air is not a safe practice and people get hurt every year across the country.”

As far as any sort of potential escalation of the acts, he said he wasn’t aware of any.

“We’re starting off the New Year like everybody else,” he said.