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May 30, 2024

HPD: 34 illegal fireworks citations issued for July 4 period

Courtesy of the Hollister Police Department:

The Hollister Police Department and Hollister Code Enforcement actively patrolled for illegal / dangerous fireworks over the July 4th holiday. A total of 34 citations were written for various illegal fireworks violations during this operational period.

The FOREalert app was again used for illegal fireworks reporting along with calls to dispatch. The Illegal Fireworks Operation began at approximately 5 pm and concluded a little after 11 PM. This year the operation was changed to enforcement operations by police officers and code enforcement thus allowing firefighters to be available in full strength for fire responses due to the dry conditions.

The Fireworks Operation began at 5 PM with a combined briefing with Hollister police officers and code enforcement officers. The mission of this operation was to enforce illegal/dangerous fireworks laws and local ordinances.

Hollister Fire Department reported possibly six fireworks related fires on July 4th and another fireworks related fire on July 3rd. See Hollister Fire Departments pending press release for details.

Hollister Police Department asks the public to call the non-emergency line at 636-4331 or 911 for emergencies in relation to any further fireworks incidents or reports.

The stats for this year are below:

*MYPD App used this year

2016 2017 2018 % Change +/-
Calls to dispatch 63 48 54 12.5%
App reports 90* 613 632 3.1%
Citations 1 28 34 21.43%