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May 28, 2024

Hospital in talks to possibly affiliate with Salinas Valley Memorial

Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital is in negotiations with Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital for a possible affiliation.
According to an announcement from the hospital released Monday:

Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital has been providing healthcare to residents of San Benito County for over 110 years and we continually strive to improve the delivery of professional healthcare for our community. 

The healthcare industry is in a perpetual state of change, and we are well aware of these changes. Throughout the country, hospitals are seeing a decline in inpatient volume for various reasons; innovations in the pharmaceutical industry have produced drugs that are keeping patients with chronic illness healthier, surgeries and procedures that once required inpatient care are now done on an outpatient basis, patients aren’t hospitalized for illnesses like they had been in the past and there is an ongoing focus on preventative care and wellness.  

Across the country smaller hospitals are partnering with larger facilities to provide a broader array of services for their patients. Over the past few years in California alone, 17 district hospitals have affiliated or partnered with larger facilities or healthcare systems.

Change can provide opportunity. As healthcare changes, so does the business model of Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital and San Benito Health Care District to better serve our patients.  We are reallocating resources to increase outpatient services such as community health centers, satellite laboratories and specialty centers. To succeed Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital is determined to be proactive and continually evaluate ways to contain costs, increase reimbursements, and develop new revenue. We intend to align or partner with a hospital or healthcare system to provide more specialists, create economies of scale and better streamline patient care services.  

Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital (SVMH) has been identified as a potential partner. As we begin negotiations the San Benito Health Care District and SVMH will evaluate and determine what opportunities are sustainable and beneficial for both entities to preserve and strengthen the health care services provided for our community. 

As we have throughout our history as a rural hospital, we continually adapt to the ever changing healthcare landscape. We are committed to provide quality professional healthcare for the residents of San Benito County for many years to come.