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May 25, 2024

Hollister schools name employees, students of the week

Courtesy of the Hollister School District:

Hollister School District Special Education Recognition

Classified Staff: 

Lindsey Schoolcraft, ERMHS Therapist

LIndsey is one of our mental health therapists currently working in our Specialized Opportunities and Academic Resilience S.O.A.R Therapeutic program. Lindsey goes above and beyond when it comes to helping students and building a rapport with the family. Lindsey also does a great job collaborating with staff and is always there when they need help or support. Thank you Lindsey for always being there for our students, families, and staff.

Noelia Lara, Transportation Coordinator

Noelia is the District’s Transportation Coordinator.  When the pandemic forced the school district to close all schools last Spring, she made sure that students continue to have access to learning materials.  She personally delivered not only learning packets but meals to students who do not have transportation means.  When the District reopened Ladd Lane for Moderate/Severe program, she ensured that transportation was well coordinated with safety measures in place.  Her relationship with students and families and dedication to the students with significant needs is truly remarkable. 

Certificated Staff:

Amaretta Gilmer, Speech Therapist at Sunnyslope

Amaretta is a reliable, enthusiastic,  and self-managed team player.  Her proactive, conscientious and detail orientated work habits demonstrate that she takes pride in her work and the students she serves as a speech and language pathologist.  She has been been helping our students thrive and make great progress on their Individual Education Programs

Jennifer Cole, SPED TeacherMod/Severe Program Rancho

Jennifer is a  hard-working, humble, positive, and passionate teacher who strives to meet  the individual needs of her students. Through distance learning she has pushed beyond your comfort zone of technology and embraced the implementation of  digital education.  Her students have shown that they can be successful and progress despite remote education.


Nikolai Rubalcaba from S.O.A.R Program Cerra VistaElementary School

Nikolai has made significant improvements in his overall academic and behavior progress in class. In the last month of school, he has completed every single one of his assignments on time and models appropriate behaviors for other students. Oftentimes, he will help other students in class who are struggling with their work. He has forged great friendships and is looked upon as a role model to others. For the last two weeks, Nikolai has achieved the highest level in class. He is the first to reach this milestone. With his increased focus in the classroom, Nikolai has made significant improvements across all academic subjects. Great work Nikolai!

Homero Leon from Sunnyslope Mild/Moderate Program

Homero has demonstrated his love of learning everyday.  He has never missed a school day and has no record of tardiness whether in-person or distance learning.  He enjoys working and communicating with his classmates everyday.  Above all, he has shown progress in his academics and interaction during distance learning.  During these unprecedented times, the school and family support has helped him to be a much more resilient and responsible student.