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February 28, 2024

Hollister Police Blotter: June 4-12

The following are crimes reported in Hollister from June 4-12:

June 4

Contempt on Seventh Street

Vandalism on Hillcrest Road

Theft on Chestnut Lane

Disorderly conduct on Seventh Street

June 5

Carry dirk or dagger on Central Avenue

June 6

Theft with use of an access card on Tres Pinos Road

Possession of unlawful paraphernalia on San Benito Street

Attempted burglary on Monterey Street

Assault with a deadly weapon not a firearm on San Felipe Road

June 7

DUI alcohol on Westside Boulevard

DUI alcohol on Monterey Street

Threaten crime with the intent to terrorize on Santa Ana Road

Petty theft on Hawkins Street

Shoplifting on Tres Pinos Road

Contempt on Fourth Street

June 8

DUI on Monterey Street

Hit and run on Airline Highway

DUI marijuana on Summer Drive

Disorderly conduct alcohol on Gateway Drive

June 9

Violation of parole on San Benito Street

June 10

Possession of unlawful paraphernalia on Fourth Street

June 11

Shoplifting on Airline Highway

Shoplifting on Airline Highway

June 12

Disorderly conduct alcohol on Tres Pinos Road

DUI on Tres Pinos Road

Under the influence of a controlled substance on East Street

Robbery on Sunnyslope Road

Vandalism on Monte Vista Drive

These reportsĀ  exclude most sex crimes and domestic issues.