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May 30, 2024

Hollister Police Blotter: April 9-15

The following are crimes reported in Hollister from April 9-April 15:
April 9
Obstructing a public officer on Recht Street
Vehicle theft on Gloria Drive
Threaten crime with intent to terrorize on Cienega Road
Theft on Airline Highway
Petty theft on Del Rio Court
Burglary on East Street
April 10
Petty theft on Central Avenue
Get credit on Lemans Drive
Exhibiting a deadly weapon on Central Avenue
Petty theft on Versailles Drive
Petty theft on Tres Pinos road
Petty theft on Miller Road
Disorderly conduct on Rustic Street
April 11
Petty theft on Haydon Street
Vehicle theft on South Street
DUI on East Street
DUI on Sally Street
April 12
DUI on Powell Street
Vehicle theft on Westside Boulevard
Vehicle theft on Line Street
Attempted kidnapping on Meridian Street
Contempt on Fourth Street
Shoot into an inhabited dwelling on Versailles Drive
Vehicle theft on Ortiz Court
DUG DUI on Tres Pinos Road
April 13
Possession of narcotics on Ortiz Court
Appropriating lost property on San Felipe Road
Threatening crime with intent to terrorize on Tres Pinos Road
DUI on Prospect Avenue
DUI on Prospect Avenue
April 14
DUI on Westside Boulevard
Petty theft on Meridian Street
Contempt on Paul Drive
Disorderly conduct on San Felipe Road
Battery on South Street
DUI on San Benito Street
DUI on Fifth Street
April 15
DUI on Seventh Street
DUI on Fourth Street
Burglary on Rustic Street
Burglary on West Street
False reporting of a crime on Meridian Street
Shoplifting on Airline Highway
Under the influence of a controlled substance on Airline Highway
These reports exclude some allegations such as those involving domestic violence, sex crimes or issues with child victims.