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May 31, 2023

Police allege Hollister woman slashed tires, crashed into parked vehicles

Hollister police allege a woman brandished a knife at an Easter gathering and then attempted to flee while intoxicated – with her young child in the vehicle – as officers arrived. 

Police arrested Natalia Gartman, 22, of Hollister. The Sunday night incident happened on Valley View Road near Fairhaven Court, said Sgt. David Anderson with the Hollister Police Department. 

According to Anderson, Gartman got into a fight with her boyfriend’s sister after drinking at a local residence. The allegedly intoxicated woman brandished a knife, went outside and slashed the sister’s tires, police alleged. 

She put her 3-year-old son in a vehicle and started to leave as officers arrived on scene. Police say she drove around a patrol car and then struck two parked cars, causing injuries to herself and her child. They were transported to separate hospitals, Anderson said, while the seriousness of their injuries was unknown. 

Police recommended charges of felony child endangerment and felony driving under the influence causing injury to another person. Anderson also expects a possible brandishing charge in the case, too. 

Anderson acknowledged it appears the group never should have been together if those residents were following the shelter in place order implemented to prevent the spead of COVID-19. The order through May 3 bars gatherings of residents outside household members.

The following is the full press release issued after this story was published:

A woman was arrested by police after she allegedly was involved in a fight with family members, fled the scene and crashed her vehicle with her 3 year old son in the car.

On April 12, 2020 at about 9:15 pm, dispatch informed officers of a report of a woman with a knife involved in a fight with other family members at a home on the 2400 block of Fairhaven Court.

Dispatched was informed the suspect was attempting to leave with her 3 year old son in the car. Officer Jason Hutchins was the first officer on scene just as the suspect vehicle was leaving the home. Officer Hutchins positioned his police vehicle in front of the suspect car to block the vehicle’s path. The driver drove around the patrol car and continued northbound on Valley View Road at a high rate of speed.

Officer Hutchins activated his emergency lights and attempted to catch up to the suspect vehicle. However, the car crashed into a parked truck on the 2200 block of Valley View Road. The force of the impact pushed one full-size truck into another truck parked directly behind it. All three vehicles were heavily damaged as a result of the major impact.

Officers quickly contacted the occupants of the vehicle and located the child on the floorboard of the front passenger seat. It appeared the child had been placed on the front passenger seat with no restraints. The child seat was located in the rear of the car. The driver had several injuries due to the impact, the airbag deployment and the lack of use of a seatbelt.

The child was conscious upon officer’s arrival and appeared have a leg injury. The driver was identified as Natalia Gartman (22). She sustained major injuries and was transported to a trauma hospital for treatment.

The child received treatment at Hazel Hawkins Hospital and was later released to his grandmother. Natalia Gartmen was released to medical staff for treatment of her injuries. The police department will refer charges that include but not limited to; brandishing a knife, driving while under the influence, evading police and felony child endangerment.