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April 1, 2023

Hollister OKs new Briggs Building parking agreement

Hollister City Council members Tuesday approved the parking agreement with Del Curto Bros. to use the Briggs Building at a cost of $32 per space.

Council members voted 3-1 on the matter. Rolan Resendiz dissented. Council members Carol Lenoir, Marty Richman and Honor Spencer approved, with Mayor Ignacio Velazquez recusing himself because he owns The Vault building next door.

Council members gave the OK for the city manager to pursue a parking agreement with the developer to use 24 parking spaces in the Briggs Building at an estimated cost of $32 per month for each space, city planning official Mary Paxton told council members Tuesday.

Council members previously wanted further scrutiny of a prior proposal calling for the condo development to pay $15 per month for the reserved spaces. That number has been adjusted to the estimate of $32 provided by Paxton as part of agreement talks.

Paxton told council members the number was based on an analysis of Briggs Building bills from the last three fiscal years. She also said the agreement stipulates a qualified consultant will review the fee every five years.

The council previously considered allocated another 20 spaces in the Briggs Building to users of the Philanthropic Center being built in the 400 block along with the private developer’s plans for mixed uses on the block.