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April 16, 2024

Hollister native elected LULAC’s National VP for Young Adults

Courtesy of Veronica Lezama, LULAC Media Coordinator

On July 21 while attending the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) National Convention in Phoenix, Hollister native Andres Rodriguez was elected National Vice President for Young Adults. In his new role, Andres Rodriguez will represent the interest of the young adult/collegiate membership from throughout the country.

“As the newly elected LULAC National Vice President for Young Adults, I am excited to help lead our young adults/collegiate members to engage in their communities and universities. The resources that LULAC offers are immense and I want students to receive them so they can partake in organizing events and advocacy trainings. We will show the nation that LULAC is about action and will always be at the forefront to tackle the social justice issues we face on a daily basis,” said Rodriguez.

His platform for leading the young adult membership includes: embracing new opportunity to organize students throughout the country in efforts to increase civic engagement, organize regional leadership conferences aimed at training students to advocate and voice their concerns to elected officials, and increase LULAC membership throughout the country. He hopes to develop mentorship programs with elected representatives and corporations, and encouraging our young generation of leaders to run for office.

As a Hollister native, Andres Rodriguez began his civic engagement from a very young age. Since the age of 12, Andres has served in various leading positions within the LULAC organization and community. While in high school, Andres served as a former Youth Council President of San Benito LULAC. In that position, he participated in various philanthropic activities, such as: scholarship fundraising and youth mentoring. In 2011, Andres graduated from San Benito High School.

Andres currently serves as a member of the San Benito County LULAC Collegiate Leadership Council and has also previously served as President. In addition, he served as California State Deputy Director for the LULAC Young Adult/Collegiate Leadership. In 2015, Andres graduated from California State University Northridge, and will soon also graduate from the University of Southern California in 2019.

The leadership skills and abilities that Andres aquired throughout the years have allowed him to lead by example for other students in the organization and community. He is seen by many adult community members as a role model and is often called upon for advise and expertise on issues related to local youth.

San Benito County LULAC was proud to have endorsed his candidacy for LULAC National Vice President for Young Adults. LULAC is honored to have dedicated young people as members of our young adult leadership, such as Andres Rodriguez. The organization is confident that he will lead and surpass new goals for the national organization and wishes Andres much success in his future civic, professional, and educational endeavors.

Photos courtesy of LULAC