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San Benito
May 30, 2024

Hollister Hills, Fremont Peak affected by state park closures

Local residents looking to recreate outside have a couple less options now that the state park system has implemented stricter restrictions.

The California State Parks system Sunday announced it will close vehicular access to all 280 locations, including the two in San Benito County – Hollister Hills State Vehicular Recreation Area and Fremont Peak State Park.

The state made the move because there had been too many people at the parks to abide by social-distancing standards meant to prevent the spread of COVID-19, caused by the coronavirus. Residents throughout the state have been looking for ways to get outside – and exercise – during the shelter-in-place period. They now have fewer options and may have to stick with walks around their respective neighborhoods.

A Hollister Hills employee Monday called it a “hard closure” at the local park where vehicular access is a signature part of the experience. Residents are not even allowed to park on Cienega Road in order to hike or bicycle into the park.

No one from Fremont Peak could be reached immediately Monday morning, but residents can expect similar restrictions there without vehicular access.

The state park closures mean even fewer outdoor options for local residents. Pinnacles National Park has been closed with the exception of the campgrounds, while the City of Hollister has closed access to all park playgrounds.