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April 18, 2024

Hollister district trustees to hold community workshops

Courtesy of the Hollister School District:

The Hollister School District Board of Trustees recently adopted a plan to hold “Board Community Workshops” in the 2020 year. For more than a year, the trustees frequently discussed their desire to increase engagement with parents and community members. At the February 2020 meeting of the Board of Trustees, Superintendent Diego Ochoa presented the Board of Trustees a schedule for the Board & Community Engagement Workshops. The schedule featured monthly Board Community Workshops that include the attendance of two of the district’s Board of Trustees.

Superintendent Ochoa said: “All of our trustees are eager to meet regularly with parent and community groups. Their desire is to create an on-going communication channel with  the parents of the students we serve.”

The Board Community Workshops will start with a short presentation from the school district administration and the site principal. The Board members present will introduce themselves briefly as well. From the on, the meeting will consist of an open discussion between parents and trustees.

The district welcomes all questions about how the district can make each school better for each child. The district wants to hear the ideas of parents so that each student has a great educational experience. Some potential discussion topics include: academic achievement, teaching, safe schools, inclusive schools, student engagement, parent involvement, and social/emotional programs.

The first Board Community Workshop will be held at R.O. Hardin Elementary School on March 16, 2020. Board Clerk Jan Grist and Board Member Elizabeth Martinez will represent the Board of Trustees. The meeting will be held in the school’s multipurpose room and begin at 6:30pm. Parents and community members will be treated to a dinner cooked by the Hollister School District Student Nutrition Program. Superintendent Diego Ochoa said: “Our Board of Trustees is committed to hold ten workshops in 2020. We hope to make this an annual and ongoing process to help us educate our students at the highest level.”

For more information, please contact Superintendent Diego Ochoa at [email protected].