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March 25, 2023

Hollister district Students of the Week come from R.O. Hardin

Courtesy of the Hollister School District:

Each week, the Hollister School District honors and recognizes two children as the male and female, “Students of the Week”. The district receives nominations by school sites and recognizes students who show excellent leadership, behavior, and academics. All honorees receive a certificate with an inscription detailing the reasons they were chosen. 

R.O. Hardin is home to a resilient group of students and staff.  The students and staff are committed to academic excellence in language and literacy.  R.O. Harding Elementary School is developing a strong early literacy program based on the Orton Gillingham method.  The school is also working to develop the characteristic of kindness across campus. This month the school’s focus is on the words, “thank you”. This week’s recipients are from R. O. Hardin Elementary School:

Girl Name:  Monica Cerna

Grade: 5th grade

Teacher: Mrs. Hjorth

Select one or more areas of excellence: Language Development and Citizenship

Description of reason for selecting the student: Monica arrived to ROH as a newcomer in early October.  She demonstrates all of the positive characteristics of an R.O. Hardin Husky! She is resilient, courageous, kind and confident.  We feel fortunate that Monica has joined our school and know that we will help support her academic goals.

Edwin Servin was the boy honoree.

Boy Name:  Edwin Servin

Grade: 1st grade

Teacher: Ms. Nelson

Select one or more areas of excellence: Academics, Language Development, and Citizenship

Description of the reason for selecting the student: Edwin is an extremely focused and dedicated student.  He takes the time to ask questions when he doesn’t understand a new concept. He quickly applies his newly acquired knowledge. Because of his dedication, he has quickly progressed and is excelling in all academic areas. He is kind to others and is genuinely concerned about their well being

For more information, please contact Superintendent Diego Ochoa at [email protected].