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July 13, 2024

Hollister district picks superintendent finalist

The Hollister School District has extended an offer to a prospective superintendent, a trustee told San Benito Live.

The school district earlier this month interviewed six candidates for the superintendent job to replace Dr. Lisa Andrew, the former head of local schools who resigned last summer for an education nonprofit position after two years in the role. The district hired Dr. William Barr as an interim superintendent as a bridge between Andrew and the new person.

The district last Saturday then interviewed two finalists before narrowing the choice to one person, said Trustee Robert Bernosky.

“We have extended an offer and now we are in the background checking phase,” Bernosky said.

He said the plan is to introduce the new superintendent Jan. 7 and approve the contract the following day. He would not confirm the name of the person chose for the role.

“It is a confidential matter as far as we were told,” he said.

Bernosky said two Hollister School District unions still had plans to visit the person’s school district before it becomes official.

“So I have no idea how that’s going to go,” he said.