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December 9, 2023

Hollister council drops extra monthly meeting

Hollister council members Monday rescinded the decision from early this year to add a third monthly meeting to their schedule.

So the council will go back to holding two regular meetings each month – on the first and third Mondays – without the added third special meeting members have been holding on the fourth Monday.

Council members voted 4-1 to make the switch. Councilman Marty Richman, who originally came up with the idea for the extra meeting, dissented.

Richman indicated concern the vote would amount to longer regular meetings.

“Basically, what we do is, we chase the public away,” he said.

Staff officials spoke on the matter before the vote, and said the extra meeting had made it difficult to have time for preparations and executing approved items.

“For most of us, the third meeting stinks,” City Manager Bill Avera said. “I’m not going to lie.”

City Clerk Christine Black noted how there had been more mistakes and amendments in agenda reports.

Mayor Ignacio Velazquez has opposed the change from the beginning.

“Time wise,” Velazquez said, “we’re our own worst enemies.”