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San Benito
June 21, 2024

High school issues packets to students with disabilities

Courtesy of San Benito High School:

For San Benito High School students with moderate to severe disabilities, binders were delivered over the past week. 

Last week, the team was busy creating next week’s work which will have occupational therapy lessons, daily routines, and other resources for parents and students. 

“In all the hardship and heartache at this time, the teamwork and caring to prepare and provide curriculum has been an inspiring bright spot in the world,” said Special Education Director Dr. Paulette Cobb. “The entire Special Education Department met on Wednesday and Friday the last two weeks in preparation for IEP’s and distance learning. Our department covers the gamut of instructional needs and teachers have been flexible and innovative in their planning: Teachers learned to Zoom, to use Docusign for IEP’s, learned about new apps for students and were introduced to Co-Writer and Snap and Read.” 

Monday was the official launch of distance learning. If there are any unforeseen issues at home for students, please let case managers and teachers know because the team and we will meet again Wednesday to make adjustments.