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May 30, 2024

Gavilan starts concrete major program with Chico State

Courtesy of Gavilan College:

Gavilan College has established a new Career Technical Information partnership with Chico State University to offer a “2+2” program for Gavilan College business majors, leading to a bachelors degree in Concrete Industry Management (CIM) at Chico State.
Potential students are invited to come and learn about this new program. Students will complete an Associate Degree in Business at Gavilan College and then transfer to CSU Chico to major in CIM. Representatives from the CIM program at Chico State as well as industry partners will be there to talk about the CIM program and employment opportunities for graduates.
Presenters will include: Dr. Feraidon Atale, Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator, Chico State University, CIM; Anne Banta, Marketing and Communications, Central Concrete; Gage Miller, Project Manager (and CIM graduate) Central Concrete, Bill Albanese, former president of Central Concrete; Joshua Neff, VP of Operations, Folsom Ready Mix, Inc.


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